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Date options

With us you have the free choice of time. You can determine the time of day when your shipment arrives.


Delivery options

We offer you a whole range of delivery options to make life easier for you:


Collection options

Our collection options will enable you to sit back and relax. DER KURIER fetches and delivers. 24 hours a day.


Stations Finder

To find out what can be sent, where it can be sent, and how quickly it can be sent, Just just contact your nearest station.


Collection options - Germany

Our collection options will enable you to sit back and relax. DER KURIER will pick up a consignment anywhere you want, and deliver it anywhere you want – 24 hours a day.

Late collection

Need to get something ready in the evening? Take your time! With us your consignment can be sent even after close of business and will still reach its destination the next day. Just tell us when you'd like it collected.


Need to pick up an important document? Or send a spare part directly from your supplier to your customer? DER KURIER will not only pick up a consignment from your address, but also from any other address you give to us. And we will bring it to you or to anywhere else in the fastest way possible.

Contact Your Station to arrange a collection.