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means more than




Your consignment will reach the consignee the next day, regardless of how late it is picked up. Guaranteed!


Your consignment will reach
its destination on time
and undamaged.


Via our track and trace system you can check the status of your consignment at any time and find out where it's currently located.


We offer all-round flexibility, both in relation to collection
and delivery.


Acting responsibly with system
GLS has implemented a Group-wide program to systematically identify and structurally avoid compliance risks. It aims to protect the GLS Group, its employees and the trusting cooperation with its business partners in the future as well. DER KURIER acts as part of the GLS Group in accordance with the consistant compliance concept.

GLS sets three priorities:
competition law
Sanction List Screening

An important part of the compliance system is a comprehensive training concept for the employees - compliance begins with them. The compliance managers in the individual countries, the Group's central compliance department and the Internal Audit department are the main advisory and auditing bodies of the three-stage concept. The compliance concept follows a consistant structure in each GLS company, which, if necessary, takes account of national peculiarities.

Prevent corruption
GLS has a strict zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption. The entire management of the group sees itself here as responsible.
In one guideline, GLS has set the standards of behavior. They apply to all countries and to all employees as well as persons who work on behalf of GLS.

Download anti-corruption policy

Whistleblower / ombudsman system

The GLS Group has set up a whistleblower / ombudsman system to allow employees, business partners and third parties to provide confidential information on criminal offenses and similar serious offenses.

For all employees, business partners and third parties is the contact persons

Mr. Attorney Dr. Rainer Buchert
Bleidenstrasse 1
D-60311 Frankfurt

to disposal.

He can be reached as follows:

Tel.: +49 69 710 33 330 or +49 6105-921355
Fax: +49 69 710 34 444

Dr. Buchert is not responsible for complaints that do not concern crimes or similar serious offenses. In cases of doubt, he advises whistleblowers on how to proceed.
The obligation of professional secrecy and the right to refuse to give evidence ensure that the identity of a whistleblower is not disclosed. Notices to the Ombudsman are only forwarded to the company after explicit approval. Contacting the ombudsman is already protected. Further information on whistleblower protection can be found at
Of course, there is still the option of contacting the respective supervisor or the responsible DER KURIER Compliance Manager (