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Date options

With us you have the free choice of time. You can determine the time of day when your shipment arrives.


Delivery options

We offer you a whole range of delivery options to make life easier for you:


Collection options

Our collection options will enable you to sit back and relax. DER KURIER fetches and delivers. 24 hours a day.


Stations Finder

To find out what can be sent, where it can be sent, and how quickly it can be sent, Just just contact your nearest station.


Delivery options - Germany

We offer you a whole range of delivery options to make life easier for you:

Area delivery

You determine the precise delivery location: On request, we can deliver your consignment directly to a desk, workbench or operating room – or to any other defined area. If necessary, we can also replenish stocks for you, for example in the case of automatic vending machines.

Trade fair service

Late flyers, forgotten presentation boards, additional give-aways – DER KURIER delivers them all directly to your exhibition stand.

Post box delivery

We will deposit your consignment in a consignee's letter box – as long as it fits.

X-Change service

We deliver and simultaneously collect– for example contracts for signing, or replacement goods in the case of customer complaints.

Direct journeys

Hand over your highly-sensitive or urgent consignment to one of our couriers who will deliver it personally and in the fastest way possible to its destination.

Saturday, Sunday and public-holiday delivery

We also deliver at the weekend and at Christmas, Easter and Whitsun – with guaranteed on-time delivery.

Delivery confirmation

If a digital signature in our Track & Trace system is insufficient proof of delivery for you, we can provide you with a printed delivery receipt.

Personal delivery with documentation

We deliver your express consignment to the specified recipient. We proof identity of the recipient and document the identity and delivery information.

Your DER KURIER station will be happy to advise you.