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Date options

With us you have the free choice of time. You can determine the time of day when your shipment arrives.


Delivery options

We offer you a whole range of delivery options to make life easier for you:


Collection options

Our collection options will enable you to sit back and relax. DER KURIER fetches and delivers. 24 hours a day.


Stations Finder

To find out what can be sent, where it can be sent, and how quickly it can be sent, Just just contact your nearest station.


Germany-Wide Services

We are on the road 365 days a year for you. Guaranteed, quick, punctual and reliable !!

Our core service is overnight express delivery. All consignments delivered to their destination anywhere in Germany by 12:00 am from Monday to Friday . Each consignment is automatically insured up to 750 euros*.

We adapt our service to suit your needs. You can choose

We also offer customized value-added services such as filling automatic dispensing machines and warehousing. Almost everything is possible!

*Higher-value goods can be insured upon request.